Saturday, May 31, 2014

Catching up!

I have been enjoying every moment as a whole family since my husband returned from another land. Having him back made me realize how much of my life I take for granted, so I have also been contemplating on the things that really matter to me and in a way turned inwards for a while. For those of you that know me, this may seem strange because well, I never have NOTHING to say, and you're right. It's just that everything I wanted to say, I needed to say to just myself. I don't know if I'm done with that phase yet but today I felt like it was time to write again. Before I write anything new, I feel like I need to play catch up so here are some significant moments that the G1ue family experience whilst I was MIA in the blogoshpere.

My sister and I made pom pom puppies (an activity designed for 10 year old girls)

What they were supposed to look like

What ours looked like

I know, my sister is way cuter than the puppies - Note to my baby sis - I have officially called you cute! Mine is the sad looking one with the droopy snout and my sister's one has the smushed in face. We meant to make one for each kiddie but they are surprising hard and time consuming to make so we made these two and then hid them away hoping that the children have forgotten about them. (They have! Yay for sneaking parenting)

My parent's celebrated another wedding anniversary.

After so many years they are still so good together!

They could write a book about marriage.

I think it would have the following rules in it:
1. Silence is golden
2. Never smoosh cake into the other person's face during birthdays and anniversaries (no practical jokes)
3. Play lots of Scrabble together

We visited my friend's baby

Raya got to play with a live doll.

 I still go through phases where I WANT another baby - I feel that way RIGHT NOW, but no, I just don't have the energy to go through those baby days again!

My kids hang out with their cousins

They play dress up

They go on an Easter egg hunt

They like each other so much they are starting to resemble each other

They plot going fishing together on a warm spring day

We majorly celebrated mother's day

With cake!

Going to a Bangladeshi fair

Where I met a mini Zara - it's not that common a name so I had to take a picture

And taking a selfie

What everyone else is doing it!!!

My kids have started outdoor soccer.

Neither my husband and I are particularly athletic so this is our attempt to save our kids from being lifelong couch potatoes.

Not sure if it's really working yet - they are the slowest kids on the field and often very very far away from the action on the field, but I understand that this is how it starts for everyone =). One the best parts about soccer is hanging out with my friend who's son plays on the same team as my son.
Her daughter keeps my daughter engaged during his games and practices - bonus!

My daughter is blossoming into something

I haven't figured out what yet, but check out the glint in her eye.

Would you call that mischief? No right? She couldn't be mischievous, since she is the offspring of sedate and well behaved people!

We went to the beach for the first time this year

We only looked at the water since it was still frigid. (Thanks a lot polar vortex)

We did have a lovely picnic of chips, samosas and water

The kids loved running up and down the dunes.

I took a picture which I think is the perfect family portrait. Since there was no one to take a picture of the four of us and I hadn't brought my tripod to the beach, I am represented by the tree in this picture.

This picture makes my heart swell with love - see how much my family loves the tree! It's been a long time! Thanks for catching up with me!!!