Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Since it must be so

I have some news - my husband has gotten a job for a year in another city. This means my little family will be bereft of a great daddy and supportive husband for a whole year. We told the children, following a friend's advice we made it sound like an exciting mission so they have taken the news well. As for me, I am so happy for him, this move is great for his career, but on the other hand, I hate long distance relationships. You can't hug someone through skype. Nonetheless they say distance makes the heart grow fonder, and who doesn't want their husbands to be more fond of them? This is my silver lining and I am going to hold on to it to get through this year, but for just a few moments, indulge me as I ruminate on all the things that I will miss.

Ten things I love about my husband:
1. He knows how to operate the dishwasher
2. He gets into it when we play board games with the kids
3. He gives the best hugs, not joking, if you've ever received a hug from him you'll know what I mean. They are warm and all encompassing, they drive all your worries away and bring a smile to your face
4. He drives me everywhere everyday.
5. He always shovels the driveway
6. He always takes out the trash
7. He cooks a killer breakfast
8. He folds kiddie clothes neater than I can (he actually critics the way I fold them)
9. He sings like an angel (to the frozen soundtrack which he listens to even when the kids are not in the car)
10. Everything about him (except for the snoring)

Adieu my love, until next time =)

Monday, February 3, 2014

My little pink coryphee

My daughter's dance class had a recital this afternoon. The parents were invited to see the progress their little ballerina's were making. It was a very cute display. My daughter demonstrated quite a few of the dance steps.
Here is a plie in first position.

Her version of the second position.

I think this is the fifth position? Not sure.

This one was called scoop up leaves and throw them in the air.

Here is jumping.

There was also some tiptoeing

and turning.

This is
The only one  tiny thing she can't seem to do is skipping.

She almost got it
But then she just doesn't take of the ground.

It ended up looking like running instead.

She's still my favorite little ballerina!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Snacker and a napper

I asked my daughter what she wanted to be when she grew up. Her answer was sweet on the surface, "Like you mummy." Awwww!!!! Right? Except that I asked her what she thought I was. She said, "You are a mummy." I prodded a little more, "What do you think mummy does when she goes to work?" Her response whilst not flattering was probably quite accurate. "You are a snacker and napper!" She got me, so I have to come out and admit it. I do love a snack and I do often take naps on the weekends. Eye-opening to see myself through her sparkly little eyes.

We had a very social weekend. We had some new friends over for dinner. We met them through school. Their son and my son are good friends and they also have a little girl who is six months younger than my daughter, so instant playmates! We went to their house last month. The dad is an amazing chef. He made this amazing pasta which just had layers and layers of flavor. Also he made his own croutons. They were so crispy and soft at the same time. I will never love readymade croutons again. My mouth still waters just remembering that meal!

At our house the meal was desi in nature, shrimp curry being the main attraction. After dinner our two girls came to show us what they had been busy doing - they had bedazzled their faces with some jeweled stickers.

The next afternoon my daughter had a play date with her favorite friend from school.

The girls had lots of fun playing together and I really enjoyed getting to know her mother. Yay! A new friend for me too!