Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy birthday princess

Today is my daughter's second birthday. We had a birthday party for her and my son on Saturday, (his fourth birthday was on Saturday) We had huge birthday party, they each got their own cake, (she had dora snow princess and he had cars 2) they got a ton of presents, we sang happy birthday to them, it was great. This morning however, we were in a rush to get them out the door in and the car to their respective daycare programs and we were running late for work, so we kinda forgot to wish my daughter a happy birthday. My husband called me later and the gist of the conversation was that he was feeling guilty for not wishing her a happy birthday. He said we certainly have never forgotten to wish my son on his past birthdays, so he was implying that we were not treating her properly. I told him that the day was not over and that we could always get her a cupcake and make it special for her when she gets home. She's two!!!! She not going to notice! I convinced him that this we were not bad parents, but I have to say somewhere in my heart, I am feeling terrible for having forgotten! She's my baby girl after all, I prayed so hard to get her and then to forget something like this! Anyways, I'm off to prepare a birthday treat for her!
P.S. - This is a cake my neighbor and I spent 4 hours making for the party, it was our first foray into playing with fondant, boy was it hard and messy, but also fun!

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