Monday, April 15, 2013

Blessing in disguise

This morning my sister and I were upset. We had booked our mother and ourselves triple pedicures for as a treat for our mother's birthday but the salon called told us they could no longer accommodate us as an esthetician had called in sick. Instead of being sad my resourceful mother suggested we try a small non-descript spa next to the local Chinese supermarket. I grudgingly agreed but internally I was recoiling. I imagined sitting in cheap plastic chairs under harsh fluorescent lights, having my toenails painfully buffed by a chatty pedicurist. I was pleasantly surprised when we were ushered into a very modern and stylish spa space. The experience was far from what I expected. First we were served green tea.

Cheers to us

Then we got a lovely foot soak
Our estheticians were so kind to us. For the reflexology massage part of our treatment they turned down the lights and let us take a nap. Afterwards the painted our toenails.

These are the colors we chose. Can you guess which feet are mine?

My mother opted to go for a facial instead of a pedicure and she came out of her treatment glowing. After we finished at the spa we rejoined the rest of our family. Hmmmm it appears my son's hair has grown, no wait someone did a switcheroo, that's my niece!

We had a delicious dinner together.

My niece made me a heart out of crispy noodles.

It was a great end to the birthday festivities.

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