Thursday, January 5, 2012

Birthday Afterglow

Yesterday was my birthday!

It actually started the night of the third, when prince charming a.k.a. my husband brought home a surprise mini chocolate mousse birthday cake!
This small gesture was thoughtful on so many levels:
1. I love chocolate mousse
2. It was a tiny cake in consideration of my fitness goals
3. We have a tradition on my family of origin of celebrating birthdays on eve of the birthday starting at midnight - it was so sweet of my husband to honor this tradition.

At breakfast my children serenaded me with happy birthday. My daughter's version featured herself instead of me. (It's always all about her =) )

When I got into work, I found a brithday present waiting for me at my desk. Another coworker gave me the cutest joke gift (princess parephanelia, that I will pass along to the real princess in the family - see paragraph above).

One of my closest friends took me out for the most delicious lunch ever. It was good food and a great time - Thank you Kim! When I got back to work there was a missed call from my mother so I called her back and she, my sister and my niece and nephew sang Happy Birthday to me slightly off key, but I loved it!

In the evening my husband took us out to a wonderful dinner at my favorite places in London, tokyo sushi. I wanted to take a picture of the food but it was so good that we gobbled it up before I had a chance. I was impressed with my son, he devoured a set of California rolls all by himself!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I was overwhelmed by all the sweet birthday wishes. Special mention to my High School friend, Alex. She wrote:

"Happy Birthday Dear Friend, may 2012 bring you love, happiness and health so that you can continue doing the great job you have been doing with your family!!! I am sure your parents are very proud of the great woman you ave grown up to be!!!!!!!"

The truth is that she is an amazing person, I am so lucky that our paths crossed and that she is in my life.

Another amazing  birthday wish was a voicemail from my sister in law Lax who had all the cousins on the phone. It is the type of voicemail that will cheer you up on the gloomiest of days so it has been saved so that I can enjoy listening to it when I'm feeling blue.

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