Sunday, January 15, 2012

How to determine ones age if you are a preschooler

Have I told you about my sisters kids? They are a set of boy girl twins, six months older than my son. They are immensely bright, cute as buttons and a little on the precocious side. My son is loves them dearly. Yesterday I was eavesdropping on a conversation they had.
My nephew: I am four, how old are you?
My son: I am four too.
My nephew: no you are three.
My son: No! I'm four!
My nephew: Why don't we check in the mirror to see if you are really four.
Shuffling noises as the two march over to the mirror. My nephew is a half foot taller than my son.
My nephew: See, look at that I am four and you are three.
My son scampers over to me wailing,:
Mummy tell him I'm not three.
My mother explained to the cousins that people can have different heights at the same age and that my son is four, my nephew accepted her reasoning, but had a doubtful expression on his face 😃

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