Sunday, February 26, 2012

Glue moment

I think I've mentioned before that Tokyo Sushi is my favourite sushi restaurant in London. We often go there for a meal on the weekends after doing groceries as it is right next to the grocery store. I guess you could say we are regulars there. We were there on Saturday and the waitress was entranced by my daughter. My daughter greeted the waitress (Christina) warmly and even gave her a hug. I think as a result of my daughter's reception of the waitress, we were given free appetizers. Christina sat down at our table to chat some more with my daughter. That is when the Glue moment happened. My daughter turned to her and very clearly said in a loud voice - Go Away!

Oh the embarrassment. Below is a picture of my husband enjoying the appetizers and explaining to my daughter that what she did was not good.

Here is my daughter making silly faces, in effect erasing all traces of the conflict we had with her. God she has us wrapped around her finger!

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