Sunday, August 12, 2012

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach

Even though  I am a pretty good cook, I've been struggling to find the way to my husband's heart through food. It's harder for me than the average wife, because my husband is a really good cook himself, so he is something of a food connoisseur. He is not easily impressed. One of his favorite dishes is a Bengali desert called Dud Shemoi. It is comprised of semolina noodles boiled with milk, sugar cardamom and cinnamon. Although it seems simple to make, it  is very difficult to get just right. My mom is the reigning queen of Dud Shemoi. She always has to make an extra batch for my husband because he loves it so much. I've tried making it before and failed miserably. One time it was too clumpy, the other time it was too runny and another time it tasted burnt. Well today I made a batch and my husband took a bowl and declared that it was perfect! Finally! I hear the chambers of his heart unlocking =).

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