Sunday, August 26, 2012

Chasing love

I'm trying to bond with my daughter. She's a complete daddy's girl and keeps saying she doesn't want mommy anymore so I took her to the park for some alone time. There is this lovely shaded spot where I sat with her on my lap and we sang and talked for a while. I tried to take a picture of the both of us but just as I pressed the shutter she slipped out of the frame.

Just like that small moment of shared happiness, her love for me is elusive.
We pulled out the kiddie pool this afternoon. Summer is almost over so we wanted them to enjoy every last bit of the warm weather. My daughter splashed in it while my son took a nap.

Go ahead, zoom in, you'll see his eyes are closed. My daughter took a nap later, while we were out shopping. My son gallantly offered his shoulder to her.

They resemble each other so much and yet they are so different. I hope I can be the mother that fulfills both of their needs.


  1. Awww, Zara. One day when she's grown up and you're best friends you'll laugh about moments like that. A girl always needs her mom.

  2. I hope so Ashlie! Is your little Vivian a Mommy's girl?