Monday, March 11, 2013

Chili chicks strike again

We took a long hiatus from Chili Chicks. We were all busy over the holidays and then the first two months of this year flew by. Luckily we were able to schedule a session for this past Saturday. The lovely Fast Leraner hosted the party in her gorgeous will equipt kitchen.The theme of this meeting was kids' school lunches and we made mini chicken pot pies,

and cheese wontons

Did you know wontons take a lot of time to make? I didn't but Kitchen Queen, who used to make wontons with her mom when she was growing up, was very experienced.

She taught us how to fry the wontons quickly using chopsticks. She's so talented.

For the mini chicken pot pies we needed finely chopped carrots and cabbage. Chef Extraordinaire was a whiz at the cutting board, easily chopping up countless carrots and cabbages.

Superfly cook who is due any moment was a really good sport. Although she was ready to pop at any moment, she was chopping and prepping along with the rest of us.

I did my part at the stove, sauteing and browning the meat for the mini chicken pot pies

Besides looking pretty, Fast Learner worked on every aspect of the two meals we prepared. She impressed us with all the neat kitchen gadgets she owns.

It was a long and arduous day, but at the end of it we went home with delicious school lunches for our kids!

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