Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A sea of pink

After much begging, we finally put my daughter in ballet class again. Last year she didn't really pay attention and did more running around than dancing. She started off this class with some promise, by exhibiting some great listening skills.
During the dancing segment of the class, she really came into her own. Check out the look on her face, eyes closed, shaking what her mama gave her with such abandon.
She was pooped after dance class so I thought she would want to go straight to bed after dinner.
Somehow she got her second wind and spent the post-family-playing-dominoes portion of the evening riding her daddy around the living room, calling him a good donkey. 
My husband was a little miffed at being called a donkey, especially since being called a donkey or a donkey's baby has a negative connotation in Bengali! My poor love!

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