Thursday, January 30, 2014

Uh oh

My daughter might be a little bit gangsta. Why would I say that you ask? She looks so sweet and innocent right? Well she is for the most part I think, but then yesterday she sang this to me.

Do you recognize it? It's the part that Holis sings in Macklemore's hit Cadillac. In and of itself, a little girl singing a snippet of a rap ballad does not a gangsta make, but something happened today to make me think twice.
She brought home this huge pink cardboard crown that she made at school.

She placed it on her head and proclaimed that her princess name is ....wait for it.....rebel. I I thought that perhaps I had misheard, so I asked her to repeat it. But no, I had not made a mistake, she is Princess Rebel! Do you think she actually knows what it means.... because right after she said she would make me a crown and I could be Queen Rebel if I wanted. Me a rebel? Never! (Don't ask my mom about my teenage years.)

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