Saturday, March 15, 2014

A blur

It's been a few weeks that my husband has been away and this is the first chance I've had to sit down and blog. Here are some things I wanted to blog about but didn't get the chance.

 I am in awe of single mothers!
How do you do everything you do all the time? After only a few weeks of taking care of my kids, everything inside the house and everything outside the house, I am exhausted!!!! I am treading water, but just barely! I've not been able to go to sleep before midnight because I am up trying to get everything done.

Multitude of playdates
My kids miss my husband like crazy and so to keep them distracted we've been to so many birthday parties and had a ton of play dates. Usually I love blogging about play dates but these days I barely have time to whip out my phone to take a picture, because I'm so busy constantly updating my to do list on my phone instead =)

The sisterhood of no ugly criers 
Shout out to the kindest mommy friends in the world. (Not an exaggeration.) Thank you for having my kids and I over and feeding us. Also thank you for being there for me. I am grateful for the support and the advice.

My first London friend
We met so many years ago in mommy class and you've always been there for me since. Thanks for checking up on me in the middle of the week and talking to me instead of watching the next episode of Downton Abbey. I truly understand what a sacrifice that is (not being sarcastic, am thoroughly addicted to Downton Abbey myself.)

My sister
I am lucky to have someone in my life that I can say anything to without any fear of judgement. This luxury has been invaluable as I adjust to life without my man. Thanks for listening and helping me get through the hard parts.

My Kids
For showing me so much compassion and actually listening to me so that we get through the hard parts of our life quickly and on to the fun parts. For being patient with me as I learn to do all the things my husband used to do for them but that I have to now take on (Example -cutting nails -  my husband used to do this for them since they were babies, I was always too scared that I would cut their fingers) For saying the sweetest things to me at the end of a very hard day (you are the best mom ever, you are the kindest person I know, I love you the most in the world)

My husband
I miss him and want him back!!! It's going to be a long year without my love!

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