Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas with the Glue tribe

Our Christmas festivities this year included making a gingerbread house. This is how it was supposed to look.

This is how ours came together. In the early stage of constructions it was apparently falling apart and needed emergency cooling down. The patio doors where opened to let in some cold air.

My husband did most of the assembly, whilst the kids cheered him on.

There were several tense moments where the kids tried to eat the house before it was complete.

This is the final result, yum right?

My sister and brother in law slaved away in the kitchen for over six hours to bring us the following delights:
Shrimp salad roll sandwich
Philly cheese steak sandwich
My uncle brought over some turkey to lend a traditional air to our meal.

The shrimp roll was my favorite!

We barely had room for dessert.

Note - the kids are still trying to eat the gingerbread house - it's a miracle it made it to the dessert table intact! We took some family photos after the feast was done. It's been a long time since we took a portrait of my family of origin.

Here is my mother with her youngest sister and youngest brother.

Here I am with my  favorite aunt, cousin and my sister.

Here is a decent shot of my very own little family.

My dad surrounded by all his grandchildren. Doesn't he look overwhelmed but happy?

Just us girls were hanging out, and I got us to pose for the camera. This was a self portrait, so my sister was holding the camera to take the shot. It took many tries to get right and her arm really hurt from holding the camera up so long =).

My little lady posing first with her aunt then with me.

She and I were wearing identical outfits, grey sweater dresses with black leggings.

Cousins hanging out with each other.

My sister with our girls.

My mother and I. I love my mother's half smile in this shot. In fact I love everything about my mother.

So grateful to be surrounded by my family this Christmas and for the good food and the fun times!

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