Saturday, February 2, 2013

Then a hero comes along

It started off like a normal weekend. My son was happy because it's our weekend to take home the class pet.

Here's our weekend guest, Fluffy the Guinea Pig.

Saturday seemed to be the perfect day to go tobogganing. We stuffed our kids into their snow gear and headed to the gentle hills near our house.

The first few runs down the hill were perfect. The kids were so happy. The third time the we let them go, the sled veered at high speed towards a fence. Then a hero emerged! My husband, ran towards the sled, dove in between the sled and the fence, saving the kids from smacking into the fence. When he got up his arm was hanging at on odd angle next to his body. He had dislocated his shoulder. I ran to him, worried as to what to do next. He had read in the internet once what to do in this situation, so he bent over and allowed his arm to hang low. Then, when he was fully relaxed he squished his shoulder back into place. It made a weird popping noise. Here he is convalescing. My brave husband.

I sent him to a walk in and the doctor checked him out. Her verdict is that he will be just fine! Here is his feeling great after taking the pain medication the doctor prescribed.

We ended the day by going out for date night. We had a delicious salmon dinner at East Side Mario's and watched Warm Bodies.

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