Saturday, August 10, 2013

Eid festivities

Eid finally came yay. We started off the day by getting the children Eid gifts, their very own customized bear at build a bear. 
It was quite an extraordinary experience, exciting yet oddly tiring for both parents and children. Building bears built an appetite. 
We celebrated Eid on Friday at my mother's house this time round.
It took us a long time to get ready, we had six little people to dress.
The girls then had to have their hair expertly coiffed by the queen of braid makers, my sister. 
My sister and I got ready next. We wore matching Eid outfits that our mother bought us. It's been a very long time since we wore identical outfits!
My mother and my Aunt looked sort of matchy in their light hued outfits as well.
My mother had initially planned to wear a black embroidered outfit but my dad and my daughter objected to it. The former made thinly veiled region based insults to get his point across, whilst the latter cried and told my mother she looked scary. Finally my mother settled on this yellow outfit that made everyone happy.
Dinner was potluck. I made cheesecake and my husband's contribution was curried pumpkin. Both were well recieved. 
For my daughter, the best part of Eid was getting mehendi on her hand.

In fact all the girls loved getting henna.
My son had so much fun he needed a nap halfway through the party. 

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