Saturday, September 14, 2013

Stress by 1,000 papercuts

This morning I woke up grumpy. I growled good morning at my poor husband. I scowled hello at my children and then realized that I didn't want to spend my whole day being grumpy. Especially not a beautiful sunshiny day like today. So I decided to go for a morning walk to degrumpify myself.
Within the first few steps outdoors, my thoughts were full of all the things that were annoying me. They were tiny little  problems, such as an issue with one of my documents at work, my son trying to adjust to first grade and disliking the amount of toy clutter there is in my house. Small problems that are not difficult to solve at all but for some reason, all together, it felt overwhelming. 
I tried to outrun my problems but my mind kept going back to the same thoughts. Finally I realized ithat I needed to try to "not sweat the small stuff". So that what I'm going to do today. By the time I sauntered back up to my front door, I was even smiling.

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