Monday, December 23, 2013

The beginning of a new expensive habit

We were thirty minutes early for an optometrist's appointment. Instead of waiting in the uncomfortable waiting room, we thought we would while our time away in a nearby Starbucks. It was the first time my kiddies had ever been inside a Starbucks. They LOVED it!

It was the first time they enjoyed their very own hot chocolates! Usually we get one cup and they share but this time, they had their very own cups.  Aside from the usual allure of a starbucks (great atmosphere, friendly staff) the fact that they made "kiddie" versions of the hot chocolate - it was a special small size and it was warm instead of hot - really made this experience memorable for the children. They already want to know when we are going to Starbucks again. Congratulations Starbucks, my school aged children are your loyal patrons after just one visit.

After the optometrists visit, we decided to go out for dinner. At the end of the meal we were given fortune cookies. The fortunes uncannily matched each of our individual personalities/situations in life.

Let's see if you can match the person with the fortune:

1. When the moment comes, choose the one on your right.
2. Kisses make the old feel young again.
3. Two grins can make one grouch know happiness.
4. You are the center of every group's attention.

a) my son
c) my husband
d) my daughter


1 - c - my husband as a very important decision coming up very soon. I think this means that he should pick the choice that feels right to him
2 - b - I am a romantic at heart, but recently have been feeling too old to be romantic
3 - a - my son is turning out to be quite a comic. He loves making people laugh
4 - d - my daughter's teacher has told us that my daughter is doted upon my parents that volunteer in the classroom.

How serendipitous!

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