Saturday, July 5, 2014

Chalk and chuckles

Our patio was an art gallery today.

I like to call this first exhibit a "rewards for a hard working mommy"

He created this masterpiece upside down. My favorite part about it - his crossed out Y - he wasn't happy with it so he just crossed it out and wrote it again - so first grade I love it!

This next piece is called "make a wish"

Shortly after I took this picture my daughter turned her star into a shooting star and made a wish on it. She wont tell me her wish because then it wont come true.

This is something I drew titled white sands - a nod to my favorite beach growing up in the Philippines.

We ended our day in the backyard chilling in the hammock. My husband attempted to take a selfie of himself. PS - that's his finger trying to reach the iphone button.

That's right I photobombed him!!!!! It was revenge for this:

We almost fell of the hammock laughing! Then I made him take a picture of the two of us.
It reminded me of one of the first pictures we took as a couple.
OMG we were so young!

Next I forced him to take a family shot. We might be getting too big to pile up on him for a picture. He's smiling through the pain in this one =).
After we put the kids to bed, my husband and I went back out on the hammock and watched the stars. We saw six shooting stars! I made the same wish 6 times. I wont tell you what it is because I really want it to come true!

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