Saturday, July 19, 2014

I know what we did last weekend

My mother always says that as you grow older, time goes faster. It's her own version of the theory of relativity. Apparently there is some truth to her theory. My life is a prime example. I meant to post this last weekend but my week has gone by in a blur. I am also trying to live my life more purposefully and often I find myself having to choose between recording our lives for posterity or living my life. Some times there is no choice, there are so many demands on my attention that I can't find a moment to sit down and write down my favorite memories.

Here are my favorite moments from last weekend:

The kids last day at storybook garden camp was pajama day. My son participated in a show and my daughter hung out with a princess.

My kids were pooped from their week at the camp so naturally I had to stop at the nearest supermarket to buy them ice cream popsicles.

They had a second wind of energy so that when they got home, they helped clean up.

My son had an outdoor movie night with his friends. My friend, who hosted the night is the most creative person I know! The kids had a blast and the grown ups did too!

Next my daughter went to pick her teddy bear angie up from a stuffie sleep over at the library.

It was the cutest thing, the librarian had a slide show of what the stuffies got up to in the night. Angie read some books and hung out with the other animals.

Lastly we got a call from the Library to let us know that the kids had won a prize for participating in the summer reading program!!!

How awesome is that! I loved the library when I was growing up and I am glad that my kids are starting to love their library too!!!

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