Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Scary Spider Saga

Before I get into this story I have to tell you a little bit about where I grew up. In the Philippines and Bangladesh, the two places where I spent most of my formative years, insects are not cute little harmless things you have in North America. In these tropical countries, insects grow to be much larger than their North American cousins. Ants are the size of grains of rice, cockroaches grow as big as your big toe, and I have seen more than one centipede the size of a human forearm. Also they are not afraid of humans. In fact I have been attacked by many a cockroach. They fly at you and land on you and crawl on you. So yes I am afraid of insects.

I was afraid of a rather largish spider my son found in our computer room. My daughter felt empathy for the creature (a byproduct of the many outdoor walks her kindergarten class went on) and wouldn't allow my son to squash it. "It's nature!" she exclaimed. I stayed my son and instead found a more compassionate way of getting rid of the spider. We chased it around the room until we caught it in a Tupperware.

We then walked to the park and met a nice gentleman who had brought his grandchildren to the park.

He was kind enough to set the spider free. The children were so happy ,I was happy to have the spider banished from our house, I'm sure the spider was happy to be back where it belonged and we all lived happily ever after!

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