Saturday, June 23, 2012

Trip to the wild side

We went to the zoo today! It was so much fun! Primarily because we went with some lovely friends who made the experience even more enjoyable.

There were some really cool animals like this camel.

It had startlingly soulful eyes.

Then there were these emus. They were trying to peck at us through the fence.

They had some goats that the children enjoyed feeding.

We also encountered some naughty monkeys.

Oops - wrong monkeys! Here they are.

The most beautiful creatures were these strutting peacocks. I've never seen a white one before.

There were some cute babies at the zoo too. Here is a piglet.

This is a 5 week old baby tiger - so adorable.

Through the trip I kept thinking of how much my sister and her family would have enjoyed the zoo. Especially when I saw these graceful Zebras. They always make me think of my little sister =).

After looking at the animals the kids cooled down at the splash pad.

We visited a miniature version of an english town. I told the children that fairies, elves, goblins and gnomes lived in the little houses. My son tried he best to peek in the little windows to see them.

We ended the day playing on the climbers and trampolines. This is what the kids looked like on the way home. I took these shots before dozing off myself. Being wild is tiring!

Well until next year bye bye zoo!

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