Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tale of two sisters

Tale 1

True story - We were at a sushi restaurant. My son who has a penchant for the japanese ginger, divided the slices served at our table between him and his sister. He proceeded to gobble his share up at an alarming rate. Before long he was done and started staring longingly at his sister's pile which had not even been touched. Without asking he took one and popped it in his mouth. My daughter's reaction was to let out a screech. Her face was full of outrage , she howled as if she'd been seriously wronged. Of course she was not interested in eating the ginger herself, just upset that something was taken away from her. A few moments go by and just as my husband has managed to calm her down, I noticed my son eying her ginger again. (He's seriously into ginger) Before his hand could dart out for another slice I captured his hands and convinced him to ask her for a piece. He asked her nicely and he was rewarded with a big smile. Not only did my daughter give him the piece he requested, she continued to dole out slices to him until her plate was bare of ginger. It was the sweetest thing - so very different from how she had behaved only moments before! It's so interesting watching her grow! Here she is sitting in the restaurant (pre-ginger incident) having a blast playing with her sunglasses even though is was cloudy outside! Oh my funny little girl! I love you!

Tale 2

To many people the picture below look just like a picture of a wallet.

My sister though, will understand the significance of this picture. It is a rarity. You see my wallet is usually overstuffed and I can't get it to close. To remedy this my clever sister bought me this cute green H&M purse. The idea is that I take all non-essential cards (mostly loyalty cards) and coupons out of my wallet and put them in this new purse and only take this extra purse on shopping trips.

I transferred the loyalty cards out of my wallet today and for the first time in many months, it closed! I love it and I love my sister - not only is she smart, she is also stylish!

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