Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow

Today my son has made my world a better place to live. Something wonderful he started a few months ago has finally come into fruition. It all started last fall when the children in his daycare went for a walk. He told his teacher that he wanted to plant a tree "to make people happy". He followed through with this desire by writing a letter to the Mayor (translated from scribbles by his amazing daycare teacher) stating his wish. The teacher took the children to the Mayor's office and my son handed in the letter. His wish was granted and today the children from his daycare went to plant 31 trees in the park. He was very excited

Don't be fooled by the picture directly above, I ended up digging because the ground was too hard for him. His teacher took over when I got tired. (It's hard to dig in heels =)
He got to choose a the type of tree that he planted. He choose a red oak. One day his little plant will grow to look like this:
As he watered the plant a strange feeling came over me -  This tree will be here long after the hands that put it into the ground are gone. Look at that - four years old, and he already has a legacy!

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