Sunday, May 6, 2012

New girlfriends

So my son and I befriended a little boy and his mom at mommy class three years ago. The boys were three months at the time and over the years they have developed a wonderful friendship.

I was beyond happy when I found out that my friend was pregnant when I was carrying my daughter. We both were having girls! We thought it was perfect - they would be good friends too! But alas life is much busier with two kids and although my friend and I try to get together for play dates as often as we can, it was no where near as often as when the boys were little. Nevertheless the girls have managed to make a connection in spite of this disadvantage. Today we took the kiddies to the park, and for the first time our little girls really got to enjoy each other's company.
Peek a Boo!

Here are the four of them squished together on a small bench.
The kids saw these dandelions (I can't seem to get away from these weeds) on the way home. They stopped and made a wish. Ohhhhhh the simple pleasures of childhood!

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