Friday, May 25, 2012

Lovely Birthday

My husband outdid himself on my birthday this year so of course I had to pull out all the stops for his special day. It started last night, on the eve of his birthday. My neighbor and I biked to the local supermarket to pick up a cake. (I don't drive at the moment so if I want to surprise my husband with a cake, I have to use an alternate means of transport to get it.) We picked up a lemon poppy bundt cake, the only cake that would survive the arduous bike ride home. It also boasted the lowest calories per serving. (Bonus!)
I lit a tea light candle and called him down around midnight for his cake. It was so yummy!

Then today I gave him his present. This watch. Note to my sister - if you are reading this, yes my husband is very worried that you will accuse him of copying you. Also my husband may exchange this watch for another one because as much as he likes it, he is not sure if it a little feminine. (FYI - the lady at the store reassured me that it is a men's watch.)

Next I stealthily arranged for the babysitter to come and took him out for dinner at Gozen.

After dinner I took him to watch Legends in the making, a stand up comedy show with some up and coming Canadian comedians. It was being held at the Wolf Performance hall which is attached to the central library. Since I hadn't told my husband what we were going to watch, he thought I had brought him to a book reading or something equally nerdy. He resisted big time and was trying to convince me to take him to Men in Black 3 instead. I held fast though and in the end got him inside the theatre. We were the first people to show up and were directed to sit right in the middle of the front row.

It was hilarious and we got a lot of interaction with the comedians. The mc couldn't get over my name, he thought it was so exotic! I would highly recommend this show - for those of you in Toronto - there is a show in the 14th of June at the Lawrence Center. If you are looking for a good laugh you should go!

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