Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wandering around Wonderland

It's been so busy at work and at home that I haven't had a chance to post about our yearly visit to Canada's Wonderland. I've been going to the Scotia Friends and family event at Wonderland for many years now. When I was young and unmarried it meant a day spent riding nausea inducing roller coasters, walking around the park until dusk and then gorging  on Chinese buffet at Mandarin. It was an exhausting day. Strangely enough, it is  ten times more exhausting to go with the young children.

The Slow Boat Ride

There was the Snoopy Space Race:

The Snoopy Vs Red Baron

Taxi Jam which is a mini roller coaster. My daughter was terrified! Another ride that scared her was Lucy's Tugboat, which surprised me since I thought my bossy girl was afraid of nothing!

Here they are on the ferris wheel with my husband and my cousin. I am the blob standing next to the double stroller, as viewed from the ferris wheel - not a flattering angle for me.

They kiddies really enjoyed the bumper cars, although neither of them could figure out how to keep them moving for very long.

The last ride of the day was a treat for my son. Last year his cousins were able to ride the Ghoster Coaster but my little picky eater was too short! He was heart broken last year so I explained to him that if he ate his food properly and slept well that he would grow. The promise of being able to ride the Ghoster Coaster has motivated him to finish his dinner consistently throughout the last year and so when the park attendant measured him this time around, he was thrilled to discover that he could go on the ride! Here he is moments before getting on the Ghoster Coaster and having the time of his life!

We ended the day with funnel cake - a pastry made out of a nest of fried dough batter topped with strawberries and a mountain of ice cream. I only ate a small portion as it literally consists of 3000 calories, but my husband ate quite a bit. For him a trip to Wonderland is incomplete without a funnel cake consumption.

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