Thursday, April 26, 2012

Perfectawash has arrived!

So on the home from work yesterday I was moaning and groaning to my poor husband about my poor injured body parts and we were all feeling very poorly in the car. When we home my children tried to make me feel better with earnestly placed kisses. My daughter kissed my knee and my son pressed his face against my wrist. Whilst this didn't take the pain away it made me feel so lucky to have these particular little people in my life.
The other thing that made my day was a package I received from mom central (mom related website) which contained a full version of the new clearsil perfectawash system. It comes in this cool handsfree soap dispenser which dispenses just the right amount of product. I've been dying to try this product as I am one of those women that breakout even though I am well out of my teens.I am so happy it is finally here! As soon as I am better I will do a before post with pictures of my face and my breakouts - then after a few weeks I will do an after post.  So excited but I also hope it doesn't mess my skin up. I'm really sensitive.

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