Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Old friends

Whilst in Dhaka I have had the pleasure of reconnecting with two friends from my past.
The first is a friend from University - Suez. We met when we were both studying at Boston University. He was my best friend! . We also used to go to Tower Records. It was a ritual, it was our Tiffany's from breakfast at Tiffany's. We went when we felt down and listened to music until we felt better and then we used to go to IHOP and pig out. He was always there for me.....any time I needed his company all I had to do was call and he would show up and make me laugh. He was the brother I never had. Coincidentally now we are related - a few years ago my mother's cousin married his mother's cousin so now according to Bengali tradition, he is my cousin brother!
He's a little camera shy so this is the only picture of I have of him. You can't really see his kind face here.

When I was in high school Zinnia and her family had moved to the Philippines. Her father worked at the Bangladesh Embassy and that's how we met. We only got to meet for a short time, but it felt so good to see her. She hasn't changed a bit, she is as friendly, fun and gracious as she was all those years ago. It was lovely to be in her company again.

I leave you with a picture of my daughter, catching up with a new friend of hers.

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