Thursday, April 12, 2012


My Story Girl

My cousin Jhumur is the Story Girl in our family. All of you LM Montgomery fans will know what I mean. (For the rest of you, Story Girl is a novel about a girl who captivates her cousins with her stories.) As we were growing up, our cousin Jhumur was the person that made our long summers in Bangladesh exciting. She was our leader. When we were really young she taught us to play the most vivid make believe games and when we were older she would take us to all the best places to eat in Dhaka. Every outing with her was an adventure. She also told the very best stories - especially her ghost stories. I remember spending several nights sleeping with the light on because I was too scared to sleep in the dark after one of her stories.
Today my sister, my husband and my brother in law went shopping with her and what would have been a mundane and tiring shopping trip was transformed into an afternoon of laughter in her company. I love my Jhumur Appi and I will miss her when I leave.

The Twins

Akhi and Nitu are identical twins. They are several years younger than me so we never really hung out growing up. Now that we are all a little older we have a lot more in common and they are so much fun! Nitu is especially good with children. Their family invited us to dinner at a Turkish restaurant called Topkapi tonight. Here are some shots from the evening.

My daughter enjoy sitting in a grown up chair

A rare occurrence - my daughter allowing my uncle to feed her - she doesn't let us feed her at home!

My sister and I with the twins!

Sharing a the secret of a perfect camera smile with my cousins
The men in our family

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