Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Childhood memories

It's my second day in Bangladesh and guess what I did? Today I took out my childhood toys. Check out my pots and pan set.

No colorful plastic talking fisher price dish set for me! My set was literally a miniature of what was used in the kitchen.
Here is a fake mini cabbage patch that I got when I was seven.

Here's one from the 90's that was mint in the box, until my daughter saw it and opened it right away.

My sister and I were obsessed with Cabbies, actually we still are. Just the other day I saw a Cabby on sale at Walmart and I couldn't leave the store without her, so I bought her  for my daughter as a birthday present. Have I mentioned her birthday is seven months away?

I am contemplating taking some of these toys back to Canada with me. I want my children to play with them. I hope these toys are still able to capture their imagination when pitted against the high tech electronic toys of today.

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