Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

You may be wondering why I have posted a picture of a dead fly in my blog this morning.

 Well this it is a "present" from my son. He was so excited about it that he carried it from the window sill where he found it all the way to my bed to show me. Ewwwww! It's not really his mother's day present for me. He gave me these flowers from school.

He gave them to me on Friday as he was to eager to wait until Sunday.
My daughter also gave me flowers. I received these on Thursday.

 Aren't they pretty. The other thing I got for mother's days is a bike! I used to cycle a lot when I was a kid and have wanted one forever. I saw one at a garage sale yesterday that my husband wouldn't let me purchase.....because he wanted to get me one for mother's day! He's so thoughtful!

Update Tues. May 15th: I just found my son's mother's day card. Awwww I feel special even though it's not mother's day any more!

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