Saturday, July 28, 2012

Shopno puron - Dream come true

Since we moved into our house four years ago, my husband had a recurring dream - one that involved mud. mulch, leaves, bark, twigs and flowers. Every year he would stare at our backyard and speak wistfully of the shade, textures and colours he wanted to bring into the space. He even created a little diagram to explain his dreams.

This year I asked him to elaborate his vision so he used his amazing technical illustrator skills and drew me this.

Guess what?
Over the last five days we made his dreams come true. First we drew the outline of the garden in our yard. I may have had something to do with the change in shape =).

Next we dug up the existing grass and sod. This was the hard part.Then we built up the shape of the garden with dirt.

We started planting - this was the easy part.

We covered the whole thing in mulch...

and voilà - a garden!

It's a little bit addictive, we might be doing the front yard next =).

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