Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Creepy dream

I had a dream that my hair was infested with.......snails. In their tiny little shells, they clung to clumps of  my hair strands and would not let go. Someone was helping me get rid of the snails. This person reached into the back of my hair and pulled a big snail out. It made a suctioning "shlop" noise as it was forced to let go of my scalp. As it was removed the other small snails automatically fell out of my hair. On closer examination the big snail was the mommy snail and had been birthing the smaller snails. The big snail had been crushed as it was extracted and green stuff oozed out of breaks in the shell. The dream has stayed with me all day and my skin is still crawling from the thought of it. Anyone know what it means? I made a picture of the snail for illustration purposes. It might not have been blue in my dream, but blue was the only crayon that I had on hand =).

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