Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Heartfelt Prayer

My son said a prayer this morning. He asked "please send someone kind to be my friend."

Poor thing, he hasn't made any connections in school yet. Last year, with it school being every other day, I had low expectations of him making any friends. This year I was hoping he would find a kindred spirit. I know he's capable of having friends:

1. His cousin is his best friend
2. He has another friend that he has known since he was 3 months
3. There is a boy at daycare he is very good friends with

It just hasn't happened for him at school yet. He says he's scared to ask other children to play with him because he thinks they'll say no. So he spends recess playing by himself. Since I'm such an extrovert, his shyness is hard for me to understand. Well I'm saying a prayer for him myself. I hope he finds someone wonderful to be friends with!

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