Thursday, October 18, 2012

Having a Martha Stewart moment.

Pre-babies, I used to wear a lot of jewelry. After my son was born almost five years ago, I stopped wearing any. I think my kids are finally at an age where I can safely wear something without it being in danger of being tugged or put in a mouth. In typical business analyst fashion, to re-introduce jewelry in my life - I made a plan.

Project wear more jewelry

Step 1- on my sister's advice I bought a hanging jewelry organizer.
Step 2 - I invited my lovely friend Trish over to help me organize my jewelry. She's amazing! Last year she organized my closet and the system she put in place still works for me.
Step 3 - hang it up.

It's like having your own jewelry store in your closet! The only sad thing is that my pieces are costume jewelry and some of them didn't make it through 5 years of storage! Oh well! I still have more than enough that survived. Looking forward to getting dressed in the morning now =)

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