Monday, January 28, 2013

Double birthdays

Do you believe in horoscopes? For example that if two people share the same sign then they must share similar personalities? Well I have evidence to proof horoscopes cannot reliably predict personality traits. Here is my evidence - exhibit A:

These two people are born on the same day, but 15 years apart, my aunt and my brother in law. My aunt is  sweet, kind, loving  and easy going. My brother in law on the other hand is funny, quirky, nerdy and an A type personality. They are nothing like each other! Regardless, their shared Birthday is cause to celebrate and my family likes celebrations. The girls were playing really nicely together. It was the first party in a long time where my sister and I weren't running around, chasing, scolding and mediating hyper little kids. They actually sat down together and played docile games.

My little munchkin and I found a moment to cuddle but my son was no where to be found. He and his best friend (his cousin) were busy playing learning games on my brother in laws ipad.

When cake the cakes were put out, my sister and I were back to patrol duty. We had to protect the cake from hungry little people like this:

and this:

I had to include this picture of my handsome cousin squinting. His glasses came off when the cameras came out. Oh the vanity of youth!

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