Sunday, January 20, 2013

Expanding my horizons

I went to a book swap today. My neighbor (and friend) had invited a bunch of book enthusiasts to her house.

We were told to each bring a few books that we had read and were ready to pass on to a new home. She put on quite a spread ranging from healthy treats like fruits and vegetables with epicure dip (yummy) to decadent butter tarts. After we were all settled in and munching away on our snacks the swapping began. I gave away my copies of She's come undone and The virgin lover (not a dirty book, it's a historic novel about Queen Elizabeth the First) and came home with The Postcard killer and The Friday night knitting club.

It was like Christmas  but for nerds. I loved it!!!! The other thing I loved was that I got to snuggle with a 3 month old baby. He was beyond adorable with his bright eyes and enormous cheeks.  He didn't make a peep and after being in my arms for a few moments he sweetly fell asleep holding on to my finger. Oh god I want another baby!!!!! My heart says yes, but my mind and my body say don't you dare!

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