Monday, January 14, 2013

Things of beauty

The second week of 2013 have flown by with the same urgency and speed as the first week. At this rate I will blink and it will be 2014 already. However there have been some very poignant moments in this week - for example the very earnest argument my children had over breakfast on Wednesday. They were bickering over who loved mummy more. I am also enjoying the time I am spending teachings son how to read. It is exasperating and exhilarating in equal parts. Whilst I am busy with my son, my husband entertains my daughter. One day he built Jurassic park for her out of Treo!

This weekend my husband's Aunt, Uncle and cousin came to visit. They bought us an exquisite bouquet of flowers.

We had such a peaceful time with our guests. We spent most of our time just talking around the kitchen table. We took them to an antique marketplace and found a few rare gems, literally! I came home with this sparkling sapphire bracelet.

I also am the happy owner of this charming multi semi precious stone bracelet.

When I got home, I found a package waiting for me. It was from one of my closet friends. She bought me a beautiful light blue necklace. I feel really blessed today. Like a princess!

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