Monday, November 19, 2012

Boy and their toys

My husband is a comic book junkie so when my son got a spiderman lego set as an early birthday present, I thought my husband would be all over it. Turns out that lego is not his thing, so I had to step in. The box says 6+ but I think a rocket scientist would find this toy challenging. I spent 2 hours of my life that I will never get back fastening together little plastic pieces using nothing but a cryptic set of instructions as a guide. I guess my efforts paid off. As soon as I was done my son and my husband bonded over the toy. Here is a photo that my husband took of them playing:

Elsewhere in the living room, my daughter was very busy flashing her cute but mischievous smile. She's always up to something these days. We worry when she's too quiet because it means trouble is afoot. Her favorite thing to do these days - testing breaking points - like how hard does she have to pull, push, tug, press or bend a toy before it breaks. She also likes to test her boundaries. How far can she push the rules before getting in trouble. Well, thank god the terrible two will be done soon. Looking forward to the terrific threes with my little princess!

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