Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sporty Son

I might have mentioned before that we are not a very sporty family. The last time I played an organized sport is well before my son was born and my husband hates participating in team sports of any kind. Nevertheless we feel that as parents it is our obligation to introduce our son to the world of sports. We live in a culture where most parents are either soccer moms, goalie moms or hockey dads. So finally we enrolled our son in indoor soccer and today was his first class. During the soccer drills he was the slowest kid. He stumbled through most of the exercises. My husband and I sat huddled together, watching him, worrying about how unathletic he is. Here is a picture of my daughter watching my son WALK after a soccer ball during drills!

Then the class had it's first game and something wondrous happened. My son started running fast after the ball. He was right there in the thick of it smiling, having fun. He didn't get possession of the ball too often and he didn't score any goals, but he was definitely enjoying his first game of soccer! Maybe there will be an athlete in the family after all =)!

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