Monday, December 5, 2011

About my boy

I've mentioned my daughter quite a bit so far but haven't said much about my son, so I thought I would dedicate this post to him. My son amazes me almost daily. A few weeks ago, when we picked him up from daycare, they told us that my son had written a letter to the mayor of London to ask him if the kids in his class could plant a tree in the park. I was astonished on many levels. Firstly my son cannot write. Sure he can scrawl out his name but he is still learning his letters. Secondly, my husband and I have never talked to him about the mayor, politics, the city, the environment etc. as we assumed that he is too young to comprehend all of it. We thought maybe he learned this stuff at daycare, but they told me he came up with this idea all on his own. They were discussing a walk the class had taken in the park with the kids and my son piped and said that they should plant a tree in the park. After discussion he was busy scribbling away and when they asked him what he was writing he said it was a letter to ask permission to plant a tree in the park so that it could make people happy. They translated his scribbles, put everything in an envelope and asked him who he wanted to send the letter to. He told them to send it to the mayor. The teacher in my son's daycare class suggested that since city hall is only a few blocks away, the kids could go hand deliver the letter. (Isn't she amazing? I love she inspires the children.) So last Thursday the class took a field trip to city hall and my son got to hand deliver his letter and since then they had a reply. The mayor said yes! This spring the kids in his class are going to plant a tree in the park! How cool is that! To celebrate my son's uniqueness, here are a two pictures:
1.Picture my son took of my daugher, he captured the sweetest smile.

2. A picture of me and my little love

I would love to hear what your little ones done to amaze you - leave me a comment!

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