Sunday, December 4, 2011

An Arabian Night

We were invited to a friend's engagement party. It was the first time in a long time that I took the trouble to dress up to go to an event. Here I am glammed up with my family:

The kiddies weren't invited and I felt bad leaving them behind, but the babysitter reassured us that they had a fun night. We had a good time too. It was a big fat middle eastern engagement party. I wonder what the wedding is going to be like! Here is a pic of the bride and groom having their first dance after exchanging rings:

Then the man of the hour got carried precariously around the dance floor.

Then there were men dancing exuberantly in a line, there were many women in the line too, but they were dancing sedately (opposite of most North American weddings I've been too).

 Then there was a man singing and beating a drum in the midst of the dancing guests.

This is the look I gave my husband when he refused to join the dancing.
Either I need to practice my come hither look or my husband is completely immune to my charms! I hope I have better luck getting him on the dance floor next weekend at my company x-mas party =)

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