Friday, December 2, 2011

Dressing for Diastasis recti

For those who don't know, diastasis recti is a condition where a woman's stomach muscles separate during pregnancy. For most women the separation is not too much and the muscles re-adhere after birth, but for the unlucky few, like myself, the separation is too great and the muscles cannot re-attach without undergoing surgery. Just a little disclaimer for those of you out there that maybe scared, - it doesn't happen to everybody and this will only happen if you get this big:
Only six months preggers, but looking like I'm overdue

Since I don't have 5k at my disposal to spend on my outward appearance, I having been trying to learn how to dress for my new body. Another thing I should mention is that wearing spanx is painful for me so I have to work with my current shape. Here is today's attempt - please ignore the toilets in the background!

I got the red sweater dress at Walmart for $15! I paired them with fitted black pants and the whole ensemble reminded me of the shalwar chamises (an indian outfit) that my mom used to wear in the 70's. 

Here's an example: Ok this outfit is much more colorful, but it has the same feel to it, long top with tight pants.

Style maven I am not but I refuse to wear maternity clothes anymore! The main person I dress for is my husband. As long as he thinks I look good I am happy, and luckily he is an ass man so as long as I can still shake what my momma gave me, he will still think I am hot =).

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