Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The great cookie exchange

It was awesome. The cookie exchange was hosted by the one woman in our neighborhood who doesn't have children yet. Her house was immaculate! She has a wonderful design sense check out her tasteful Christmas tree. It was covered in snow-babies which she start collecting in grade one when her grandmother gave her her first one - isn't that such a sweet story!

We sat around for a long time eating the lovely appetizers she had put out and chatting about having babies. (One of us is pregnant and expecting in early Feb.) We almost scared our lovely hostess with labor room horror stories! I met a woman who volunteers at my son's school at lunch on Fridays. She says one Friday he spent the whole lunch hour holding her hand. It's great to know my son has such kind people around him to make his transition to JK a wonderful experience. I was touched!

Here is a picture of the cookies. these are just a few, there were 11 different kinds. Note - my lemon white chocolate chip cookies are the yellow ones in the right corner.

This is a picture I took as I was running out the door, hence the blurriness. Our hostess is the one with the cute smile, third from the left. The kind mom is the second in from the right. 

I have never had such lovely neighbors! I'm looking forward to book club in January!

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