Thursday, March 15, 2012

Diastasis Recti Dilemma

Yay! We are finally going on a family vacation! We are going to the land of my birth - Bangladesh. It will be the first time my kids are going and we are all very excited. The last time I went on vacation was in 2007 before the birth of my children, before my diastasis recti.  
Actually this is the only thing I am not excited about. How am I going to outfit myself? After a year and a half of consistently working out and eating healthier, I have managed to shave off pounds and inches, but unfortunately I still look like I am at least 5 months pregnant. 
In fact I look more pregnant since I've lost the weight because the rest of my body has thinned out but my high belly still remains. Especially over the last month or so, I've had more well meaning intelligent women, who know better than to assume that someone is pregnant, ask me if I'm expecting. It's doesn't just look like a chubby tummy. 
I am worried about going to Bangladesh and facing all my friends and relatives with this tummy. Bengali women are, shall we say, more frank, then their North American counterparts. I am anticipating having to explain multiple times that I am not pregnant. To exacerbate this, have you seen the Bangladeshi traditional outfit?

Ok so I wouldn't necessarily wear a see-through Sari. What I would wear would look more like this one:

But still, there will be some belly showing and it wont be pretty. My other options are shalwar kamises:
This is much looser but I'm not sure it if creates the right waist to minimize my diastasis recti bump.

Part of me is saying that I am being silly and vain. What is important about this trip is reconnecting with people that I haven't seen in a long time, it's about introducing my children to my origins and having some down time with my family. It really shouldn't bother me so much.

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