Saturday, March 10, 2012

Trip to the Sugar bush

This morning we visited Crinklaw's maple syrup farm that was established in some time in the 1830's.
First we ate some pancakes in a barn. The pancakes were delicious but it was -7 this morning and the barn was not very warm.

Then we went on a wagon ride to see the sugar bush which is a grove of maple trees that are tapped to make maple syrup. My daughter made a little friend in the wagon. She introduced herself as Puff the magic dragon to her new friend. Last week she was Pete the cat. It's hard to keep up with what she calls herself.

Then we learnt how the settlers used to make sugar. It was fascinating. In those days they didn't have cane sugar so they used to boil the sap for days until they were left with something that was like brown sugar. Apparently there was no purification process so the would manually pick out the bugs and sometimes they would miss some - ewwww!

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