Sunday, March 18, 2012

I can finally have tea parties at our house!

Salon, front room, sitting room, parlor....whatever you like to call it, we have finally furnished our living room. We've had the house since 2008 and this room had been empty since then. Correction - Sampaguita, my beleaguered jasmine plant lived in a corner of this room, oh and there was a glass coffee table that we didn't want to keep in our family room because it was not kid proof. Otherwise the room was a great empty space. Even in it's unfurnished state, we used to like to hang out in this room. It has 19 ft ceilings  and is painted yellow so that even on a gloomy day, it has a light and airy feeling to it.

My insipiration for this room is this carpet:

It was given to me by my mother. She used to think I didn't appreciate it which is far from the truth. I really love the colors and design. I had nowhere to put it before as it is made of silk and silk and toddlers don't mix well.

Based on the colors in this rug, I went with teal as the main accent color for this room. I thought I wanted a the main sofa to be teal or turquoise. I thought I wanted this sofa:
It checked off all the criteria on my list. It was:

1. Dainty without being too girly.
2. Possessed clean lines without being sterile
3. It looked pretty but still invited you to come in and share a cup of tea.

But 2 things stopped me from purchasing it:
1. The fabric was not kid friendly. it was like some sort of textured knit fabric. The salesman kept trying to convince me that if I got it treated with some water repellent that they sold at the store then it wouldn't stain, but even he didn't really seem to believe what he was saying.
2. Just this piece itself cost $868 and I wanted to do the whole room for $1000.

After lots of searching I finally found these two pieces:

I love them! I bought teal cushions to tie in to carpet. The tree that you see in the corner is Hibby my hibiscus plant. Hibby and I go way back and there is a great story about how she came into my life that I am going to tell you all in another post someday.

We bought two accent chairs. We also purchased a little side table to go with them. The color of the side table matches the brown in the carpet.

This corner is for  best friends to catch up in. Sort of like me and sister. We need a corner to go off to and share secrets with each other.

We also bought a teal and silver lamp. It occupies Sampaguita's old perch. Don't worry Sampaguita has been moved to a sunnier home- she has Hibby's old spot in the dining room.
The glass bowl in this picture is another gift from my mother.

Lastly, I bought this green bowl to satisfy my need to have something in my favorite color in the room.

So there you have it, a whole room for $875 - well under budget! Now who wants to come over for a tea? 

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