Thursday, September 13, 2012

A creative date night!

My husband, the artist (click here to see his work) hasn't been able to paint in a really long time and he was getting all frustrated, so I planned a secret painting date for us. He had no clue we were going to paint. When the baby sitter showed up, he was apprehensive. He hates surprises, especially since I told him to dress in something he didn't mind getting dirty. I snuck the art supplies in the back of the car and only when he pulled into the art studio parking lot, did he realize what we were going to do. Here he is, a blank canvas finally before him.

Here is our work. The spectacular sunset is his and my painting is a scene from the local bog.

They're still not done. We are going to come back in 2 weeks for another date!
We ended the night with some sushi. Yummmmm.

The romance is still alive even after 7 1/2 years.

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