Sunday, September 2, 2012

Surrounded by beauty

Usually I only run on Saturday mornings. I like to spend Sunday mornings lazing in bed. It's all about balance right? However, this weekend I HAD to run on Sunday! Last night I went to a friend's house for dinner. She is a new friend and already a beloved friend. Amongst the many things I love about her, is the fact that she is an amazing cook! She and her husband made us a Hungarian speciality called elephant ears. It is fried dough topped with garlic melted with butter,  sour cream and cheese. It was divine but also probably a 1000 calories! This morning when I stepped on the scale, I was two whole pounds heavier than I was yesterday so I put on my shoes and headed out the door. I am so glad I did. I'm sure I didn't burn off every calorie I ate, but the run was invigorating. It felt incredible!

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